Be Sure to See the Collegiate Career Expo October 22nd!

You never know how career opportunities can present themselves. Just ask Macy Eaves, a student at Texas A&M University. Last year’s trip to national FFA convention has resulted in a job with Dow AgroSciences, which will be waiting for her upon graduation next spring. Imagine that—a job offer at the beginning of her senior year!

“Before I attended national FFA convention this past year, I really had no intentions of searching for a job through the Collegiate Career Expo,” Eaves says. “Once I arrived and found so many great and successful companies all in one location, my outlook on this opportunity changed very quickly.” Eaves said that career fairs at her university did not have many agricultural-related companies like those she found at convention.

Throughout the summer, Eaves had the opportunity to build relationships and experience growth within herself and her career. It didn’t end there. Eaves had left such a standing impression with her employers that she was given the opportunity to apply and interview for a full time position within the company. Earlier this fall, she accepted a full time job with Dow. “I consider myself so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the Collegiate Career Expo at national FFA convention,” she says, “because it provided me with my dream job that I would not trade for the world. It is also a neat feeling to have accepted a position through the organization that made such a difference in my life."

Make plans to attend the 84th national FFA convention October 19-22 in Indianapolis. You’ll have the chance to network with students from across the country, and one of the highlights will be the Collegiate Career Expo on Saturday, October 22nd. The Expo will be held in Lucas Oil Stadium in the East Concourse from 8:30-11:30 a.m. Companies representing agribusiness, crop protection, animal health, transportation, education and many other industries will be in attendance. Be sure to print of copies of your resume to bring along as well as e-mail a copy to to be included in the resume packet for employers. Can’t make it to convention? There is no need to worry, send us your resume and we will make sure to share it with your potential future employers.

The Expo can be an important step in your pursuit toward a career in agriculture.