FFA Virtual Convention & Expo

Just can't make it to Louisville to experience all that is the National FFA Convention & Expo? We've got you covered.

For the first time, the National FFA Organization is offering a way to bring the National FFA Convention & Expo straight to your classroom, wherever you are, with the National FFA Virtual Convention & Expo. The virtual convention is a great way for FFA members to experience the convention even when they can't attend. It's also great for chapters without the resources to send an entire chapter.

Benefits of the FFA Virtual Convention & Expo:

  • Interact live with exhibitors in the 450,000-square foot National FFA Expo
  • Participate in on-site student workshops
  • Connect with other FFA chapters to discuss the convention
  • Watch live streams of the general sessions LIVE from the convention main stage
  • Purchase FFA memorabilia directly from a virtual shopping mall
  • Includes classroom instructional materials for teachers and advisors

Virtual FFA Convention & Expo Prices:

  • $50 - FFA Chapter (with members attending on-site)*
  • $100 - FFA Chapter (without members attending on-site)*

* = registration only available to FFA chapters

Register for the FFA Virtual Convention & Expo after signing in to your MyAgCN account.

Pre-registration for on-site National FFA Convention & Expo attendees ends October 14, but registration will still be available for the virtual convention after that date.

Screenshots of the FFA Virtual Convention & Expo