Career Fair

Career Fair - The Career Fair provides a venue in which the organization can deliver a key element – career success – to collegiate students and FFA Alumni members. The intent is to allow students and potential employers time to interact in an informal setting with the opportunity for recruitment and networking. By bringing together the exhibitors of the National FFA Convention & Expo with our members, we can guarantee career success for both business and members.

Return on Investment

  • Career Fair to be held Thursday Oct. 31st and Friday Nov. 1st from 1:00-3:00 p.m. on the Expo floor in the Kentucky Exposition Center directly located next to the Collegiate Connection and Alumni Nation portions of the Expo
    • This will allow companies and organizations the opportunity to connect and network with college students and Alumni members who come to the national FFA convention & expo.
    • By holding the Career Fair during the latter hours of the Expo when traffic is slower and sessions are being held at Freedom Hall, these attendees will have more time to leave their booth to learn about jobs and internships from exhibitors.
    • Actual Human Resources/Talent Acquisitionists do not have to be the only ones to help recruit at the Career Fair. We feel any employee from a company/organization will be well versed in the needs and background of that company/organization and will be able to speak on their behalf and determine qualified candidates.

Visibility/Value Added

  • Logo and information on and the Collegiate FFA facebook page.
  • Print publications and other promotions through FFA Advisors Making A Difference, Monday Morning Monitor, and state officer magazine Bright Ideas
  • Exhibitors banners and posters at National FFA Convention & Expo
  • Educational flyers at Expo
  • Exhibitors will receive a flash drive with all submitted résumés and information from students (approximately 425 each year), including: name, university/college, class standing, major, and expected graduation date. Exhibitors will also receive a hard copy of all submitted resumes.