“As an exhibitor at our Expo, you are an important part of the process that transforms FFA members into productive, goal-oriented and industry-dedicated individuals. Today’s FFA members are the future of agriculture. You will help them on their journey through your presence, experience and engagement at Expo.”

Dwight Armstrong, CEO, National FFA Organization

Vaughn Hobbs
District Sales Manager, WIX Filters

“The National FFA Convention & Expo is such a great opportunity to meet thousands of upbeat, well-dressed, well-behaved kids, but our main reason for attending is to raise awareness for our box-top redemption program. This year, we awarded $44,000 to FFA chapters across the country, and we want to engage kids here, so that more chapters will participate in the future.”

Madonna Jordan
AGCO Corporation

“We’ve been very successful getting kids into our booth this year with our graffiti wall, which almost always leads to a conversation about our company. We’re getting a lot of questions about our scholarship program, as well as inquiries about internship and job opportunities. A lot of our interns go on to full time jobs with us, so we’re hopeful that some of the kids we meet here work for us in the future.”

Natasha Sherwood
Manager of Education and Conservation, SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Tampa

“This is our first year at the National FFA Convention & Expo after attending the Florida state convention twice. There hasn’t been a moment where we haven’t been engaged with students. We came in this year hoping to spread information about our camps, but we’ve had interest in many aspects of SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. We’re looking forward to review and are excited to see what kids recommend for next year.”

John Tummons
Instructor – Agriculture Education and Leadership, University of Missouri

“We’ve been using games to get kids into our booth, and we’re finding that a lot of them are interested in attending Mizzou for agriculture related careers. It’s nice because this audience is geared toward what we have to offer, and we want them to think about potential careers and take advantage of all the opportunities presented to them at the National FFA Convention & Expo.”

Sara Arp
Beef Marketing Manager, Animal Health International

“The National FFA Convention & Expo is a great event for us because we get to talk to kids who will be the future of agriculture while telling our story and creating brand awareness. So many students ask us about possible careers in the agriculture industry – proof that the future of agriculture is strong. We will definitely attend in the future.”

William DeBoer
Laboratory Scientist, SteadyGrow

“We’ve been successful engaging with students, and teaching them how they can learn all about plant systems. We want kids to get interested in growing their own food, especially at home since our farm land is disappearing. This is our third year at the National FFA Convention & Expo, and it’s gotten better and better every year.”

Julie Reynolds
Executive Assistant, Brandt

“This is Brandt’s second year at the National FFA Convention & Expo. We are so excited to be able to get in front of our future customers on a national scale. Brandt has gone from a small company in Illinois to having an international presence in the last 10 years, and this convention is a wonderful opportunity for us to create brand awareness. Personally, I love coming here because the things these kids do are amazing.”

Leila Bailey-Stewart
Managing Director, National Recruitment, City Year

“Here in the United States, City Year focuses on helping students in urban areas succeed by providing mentors, tutors and role models for them. We’re here because we believe in the power of young people, and we believe that there’s a bridge between the skills that FFA cultivates and the readiness to do this sort of mentoring work. This is our second year, and we’re seeing some of the same kids we saw last year again this year, we want to expose these kids to the idea of doing national service with us so that when they’re deciding on the next step, we become an option.”

Erin Jones
Staffing Specialist, CSX

“The kids here are so much fun and so eager to learn about all the opportunities presented to them at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Being part of FFA teaches these kids amazing qualities, such as work ethic, generosity and curiosity that we’re looking for in future employees. Being a part of the National FFA Convention & Expo also gives us a chance to help kids understand the union between FFA and CSX, taking the products that they grow and are so passionate about and transporting them someplace else safely and securely.”

Dan Kripke
Senior Vice President and Director of Sales, RFDTV

“We have not only been engaging with students at our booth, but also by judging competitions, which are so impressive. We’ve been allowing kids who visit our booth to tape commercials, and we have pre-stamped post cards that they can send home to the rural areas that we serve. Our main goal when coming to the National FFA Convention & Expo is always to support FFA. Our target audience is rural America, and we support a lot of agricultural programming, so being here is building a bigger base of future viewers.”


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