Why Give?


The world’s population continues to grow, and the agriculture industry needs more people who can help produce food, fuel and fiber in ways that are faster, smarter and more sustainable than ever before.

By giving to the National FFA Foundation, you are helping smart, talented and determined young people to become the leaders we need for tomorrow — leaders who will develop the new strategies and technologies that will ensure a safe, abundant and affordable food supply for us all.

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The Leadership Matching Challenge is organized by the Individual Giving Council with support from the Sponsors' Board, Board of Trustees, and Board of Directors. The Individual Giving Council was established to be advocates for individual financial support of the National FFA Foundation Mission which is to build partnerships with industry, education, government, foundations and individuals to secure resources for the future of education, agriculture and student leader development.

Scholarship Recipients

Over the past decade, thousands of students have realized their dream of attending a post-secondary institution thanks to contributions totaling more than $34 million.

Dana O'Neil - Thank You Letter

Zachary Effling - Thank You Letter