We Give

Dear Archer Daniels Midland Company,

In the summer of 2006 my family moved to Brownstown, Indiana. This meant that I had to move from the school corporation I had attended since kindergarten, and away from our thirty acre horse farm my father had built completely from the group up. In eighth grade at my new school, I struggled. My friends and I laugh now because, well quite frankly, not many of my classmates remember me attending eighth grade in Brownstown. This is how shy and backwards I was. My freshman year of high school, I enrolled in Fundamentals of Agriculture, which automatically made me a due paying FFA member. Anyone could tell you that FFA impacted their life. For me, that is an understatement. FFA completely transformed the way I think, the way I act, my goals, and my passion in life. Through my projects, contests, camps, and events, I met some of the most inspiring young adults and had incomparable experiences. On the day of graduation, my advisor would not allow my best friend and I to wear an FFA band around our necks because that would take away from the strict focus on academic achievement. However, feeling very rebellious, we both pinned our tiny office pins to the neckline of our graduation gowns. To us, those pins on our gowns were just as important, if not more, than the diplomas we grasped in our hands or the tassels hanging from our caps. This represented how important our FFA experiences were to us and the impact it would have on our lives forever.

Working all of my senior year and full time this summer, saving as much as possible for my college experience, I fully appreciate the amount I have been gifted from your organization to further my education and pursue my goals. I understand the amount of hours and effort that must be put into earning this amount and cannot thank you enough for this wonderful honor. Your support of the National FFA Organization is tremendously appreciated. As an FFA member who has been infinitely affected by their FFA experience, I encourage you to continue your support of this incomparable organization that focuses on the lives of students and truly creates the leaders of tomorrow.

Infinitely thankful,

Dani O’Neill

Brownstown Central FFA