Jason Troendle - 2011-12 National FFA Secretary

Vital Statistics

Age: 20
Birthdate: Aug. 18, 1991
Hometown/State: St. Charles, Minn.
Parents: Fred and Sandra Troendle
Siblings: Adam Troendle, Rachel Troendle

FFA Statistics

Chapter: St. Charles High School FFA Chapter
Enterprise: Diversified Agriculture - Production
State Office: President, 2010-11

College Statistics

Year: Sophomore
Major: Economics and Environmental Studies
School: Bethel University
College Activities: Suite church, jazz band, welcome week

Future Career Goal

To become a life-long teacher in agriculture, economics or ministry. To work in an agriculture business helping to develop people and making the business more efficient while reducing its impact on the environment.


At age 5, Jason Troendle’s father gave him his first fishing pole and the two set out for a day on the banks. He concentrated on his three-foot-long Snoopy fishing pole with matching Snoopy bobber and pulled in sunfish after sunfish. Not liking to touch anything slimy, Troendle would have his father take each fish off the line and then bait his hook for his next big catch.

When his first day of fishing came to an end, Troendle’s father told him that if he were going to fish in the future, he’d have to bait his own hook and remove his own fish. “It wasn’t long before I learned that touching worms and fish wasn’t horrible at all,” he recalls. “I have learned so much through my love of fishing. Love and learning. Fishing helped to define two core values that would guide me through my journey of life.”

“Through FFA and agricultural education, I have been able to learn many things. I’ve learned it is vital to set shorthand long-term goals that can guide me where I want to go and what I want to do. I’ve learned that doing the right things, being committed to myself and others and taking responsibility for my actions are the only ways I will succeed.”

Press Release

Jason Troendle - Press Release