State Officer Programs: BLAST Off

Presenter Training

You said,
"Ensure that presenters are trained properly and deliver a high quality experience."

Our response:
In early 2010, trainers for state officer programs moved from a focus on fundamental elements of training which included giving directions and setting connect to more of a brain based approach in an effort to increase the emotional connection with students. An increased understanding of how a student's emotions impacts their ability to learn enables a trainer to assess, make a stronger connection and provide a larger influence. Training conducted in March 2011 again focused on how the brain learns and an increased emphasis on coaching.


You said,
"Develop supplemental materials to be used throughout the entire officer's year."

Our response:
For the summer 2011 conference season additional materials are being made available to state staff for use with state officers. They are:

  • Habitudes 1: The Art of Leading Self (has been provided for the last five years.)
  • Habitudes 2: The Art of Leading Others
  • 52 Leadership Ideas for Generation iY
  • Strengthsquest book

In the future, we may add a leadership weekend for state staff and provide scholarships to the Growing Leaders Form in Atlanta.


You said,
"Curriculum should focus more on developing the individual to be able to work as a team."

Our response:
In March 2011 there was a session at The Summit dedicated to helping state staff understand where BLAST Off fits into the state officer continuum. BLAST Off focuses on the individual student prior to moving into a "team focus" at NLCSO.