National FFA Customer Care Policy

The National FFA Organization strives to ensure its customers and stakeholders are satisfied with the goods, services and programs they receive. We take pride in the quality of our offerings, and delivering outstanding customer service is one of our top priorities. If a customer is not completely satisfied with their experience, he or she may refer to the guidelines detailed below so that we may do everything possible to remedy the situation to mutual satisfaction.

Customer Service Vision
FFA changes lives. At National FFA, service is at the heart of our mission. We change lives by knowing our customers, exceeding their expectations and helping them succeed.

Customer Service Promise
The National FFA Center staff is here primarily to provide a service. Customer care is about treating other people the same way you would like to be treated. People want accessible, efficient and cost effective services and we strive to meet these expectations.

Customer care means providing good quality services in a friendly, efficient and helpful way and continually striving to improve services by maintaining good communication and a positive attitude.

A customer is anyone who contacts the National FFA Organization for support, information, products, service, assistance or advice. This includes FFA members, FFA advisors, state staff, sponsors, partners, vendors, national FFA staff members, agricultural education related organizations, key stakeholders, the media, parents and the general public. Customers may contact National FFA by phone, letter, e-mail, SMS, fax, website or in face to face meetings.

Customer Service Guiding Standards
Based on the promise to our customers, FFA’s philosophy of providing service to customers will assist staff in understanding the impact quality customer service has on our customers and its ability to strengthen their relationships with the organization.

FFA’s general treatment of customers is described in three service standards and clarified with guiding principles:

  1. Put customers first
    We are personal in our dealings.
    We are easy to do business with.
    We solve problems.
    We are available.
    We respond quickly.
    We empathize with customers.
    We are flexible.
    We stick with customers until a problem is solved.
    We admit mistakes and rectify them.
  2. Stay close to customers
    We listen to needs and concerns.
    We anticipate needs.
    We respect privacy.
    We communicate to understand.
    We bring new opportunities to customers.
  3. Pay attention to details
    We do more than is expected.
    We look for ways to improve customer service.

In addition to these service standards and principles, customers may expect that FFA will not:

  • Permit conditions, procedures, or decisions which are unsafe, untimely, disrespectful, undignified or unnecessarily intrusive.
  • Elicit information for which there is no clear necessity.
  • Use methods of collecting, reviewing, transmitting or storing client information that fail to protect against improper access to the material.
  • Operate facilities, activities or events without appropriate accessibility and privacy.

Handling Customer Complaints
Customers who have complaints, ideas for improvement or issues that need to be resolved regarding an FFA merchandise order can contact the Customer Service Team at or by phone at 888-332-2668. The FFA Customer Service Team is prepared to resolve any issues customers may have.

For issues, suggestions or complaints that do not involve merchandise orders, customers may contact the National FFA Center at 317-802-4243 to engage FFA’s First Call Response Team (FCR). These staff members are prepared to respond directly to issues or connect customers to the appropriate party within FFA. FCR can also be reached by phone at 1-317-802-6060. National FFA can receive feedback or questions through

The appropriate FFA representative will work with customers to address their issues and concerns. Where action is warranted and necessary to resolve a customer’s issue, it will be taken. When FFA is not able to resolve a customer’s issue to his or her satisfaction, we will communicate clearly the reasons that require us to take that position.

Customers may request that an unresolved complaint or issue be taken to a higher level of management for review and consideration. In such cases, FFA staff will notify their managers of the situation, and issues will be moved to the appropriate forum for evaluation and decision. Final outcomes will be shared with customers in a timely, courteous manner that provides an explanation for actions or decisions.

Institutionalizing Customer Service
It is important for the organization to institutionalize the improvement of quality customer service. Current staff and all new employees need to understand our “Promise to our Customers” and commit to providing quality customer service. To achieve this, the following is recommended.

  1. Staff hiring: As new staff members are hired they should be interviewed to determine their potential for providing quality customer service. Human Resources should evaluate relevant past history working with customers and a personal understanding of customer service basics. New employees must understand FFA is a customer-serving organization and that we have a “Promise to our Customer.” Once hired, employees should be oriented to FFA’s commitment to customer service and understand their team’s current goals for delivering quality customer service. All employees must understand why those goals were selected and how they can influence the outcomes as a team member.
  2. Staff training: Human Resources will be responsible for making training and resources available to staff to develop highly effective customer service strategies and practices. HR will engage new staff to provide base level training in customer service fundamentals. They will then support the efforts of teams to develop higher-order customer service skills and behaviors.
  3. Systems and tools: The following will be available for use by all teams and divisions:
    • Vision, philosophy and guiding principles for providing customer service at FFA
    • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) process will be utilized by all FFA divisions and teams to collect and analyze feedback on customer service issues.
    • Information, software and hardware systems will be available to effectively address customer inquiries and requests.