About "You Talk. We Listen."

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You talk. We listen. That’s the National FFA Organization’s staff commitment to you.

We will ask for your feedback on our products and services, and will take the time evaluate each of your comments. We’ll compare your ideas and experiences to those of others. Many times, we’ll ask you to take a look at what everyone else has said, and help us choose the ideas and issues on which we should focus our work.

Here on the “You Talk. We Listen.” website, you‘ll be able to read about the issues that are foremost on the minds of our members, teachers, administrators and supporters. You’ll see our plans of action on those issues, and you’ll be able to provide your own feedback on a variety of FFA products and services.

Sometimes, we’ll be able to make changes immediately. Some changes may require some extra time and planning. And, there may occasionally be some changes that we won’t be able to make at all.

Whatever the case, we will keep you informed about what can do, what we can’t do, and why. We will let you know how long it may take to address your idea or issue. And, we will let you know when the changes we are making will have an impact on you or your FFA program.

We also will do a better job of connecting you to the people at National FFA who are working on your behalf. Get to know the people who are working with you to improve our products and services by clicking the “Meet the Team” link in the left hand menu. Feel free to contact them any time you have questions or concerns.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to forming “better days, through better ways…”


The “You Talk. We Listen” Team​​